venerdì 26 marzo 2010


After a brief 7" split last year, RÄNNSTENSUNGAR left the listeners yearning for more of his carefully crafted noise structures. Here, on the first tape release of this project, he serves four tracks of dissociative, occult junk noise and eerie Rhoads loops; well-structured and organized, telling of a prosperous future for this new Swedish project. PESTDEMON presents on this sixth tape release from the project a staggering slab of harsh noise feedback abuse, falling into a surge of nearly orchestral death industrial.
50 copies, c60, co-released by the respective projects' personal labels - Konsortium Lithopedion (RÄNNSTENSUNGAR) and Kafé Kaos (PESTDEMON).
It has been available in Sweden the past week through the artists and Release The Bats. International distro copies were sent yesterday to Freak Animal (FIN), Unrest Productions (UK) and Dumpsterscore (US). A few of these remain, if anyone wants to do a distro trade, send me a mail.

pestdemon [at] - only sales! 5 euro + shipping.
xjodan [at] - Rännstensungar, sales or trades, don't know.

Cover artwork found here:

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