mercoledì 28 aprile 2010


Artist: Inhalant
Title: "bondage"
Format: LP
Label: SNSE074

Cost: $15USD PPD (North America) / $20USD PPD (Rest of World)

Searing and psychotic, droning and disturbed power electronics from long-running Texas project Inhalant. Themes of control and obsession are explored via maniacal vocalizations drowning in a sea of churning, bordering on psychedelic, noise. "bondage" is Inhalant's first vinyl full-length after years of tape releases and compilation appearances on such stalwart labels as RRRecords, Pitchphase, and Chondritic Sound.


Bondage (excerpt)

All Tied Down (excerpt)

Love Song (excerpt)

Let Down (excerpt)

Ghosts of Liberation (excerpt)

Order: Available on SNSE web catalog page:
or can receive Paypal directly: orders at snse dot net

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