venerdì 12 febbraio 2010

Hell Lies In Others is very happy to announce the release of 'Tsutomu Miyazaki' a 3-track C30 cassette from Gnaw Their Tongues which will be issued in an edition of 100 copies in March 2010 on white chrome cassettes.

Keep your pre-conceptions at the door and hold back just for one minute as this isn't your typical Gnaw Their Tongues release. Influenced by Japanese serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki and recorded on both analogue and digital synths with a barrage of samples, bass and live percussion, these recordings capture the uneasy and unsettling feeling which convey the horrific story of Miyazaki and his crimes in an explosion of terrifying abstract noise.

Two of the tracks titles are named after letters which Miyazaki sent to the families of his victims:

To the family of victim Erika Nanba, Miyazaki sent a morbid postcard which had been assembled from words cut out of magazines: "Erika. Cold. Cough. Throat. Rest. Death."

To the family of Miyazakis first victim Mari Konno, he charred her remaining bones in his furnace, ground them into powder and sent them to her family in a box, along with several of her teeth, photos of her clothes and a postcard reading: "Mari. Cremated. Bones. Investigate. Prove."

The third and final track is aptly named 'Tsutomo Miyazaki'.

"Erika. Cold. Cough. Throat. Rest. Death" is up now on our music player for a limited time only.

Seeing as there's quite a bit of interest in this release, I am able to take advance reservations for it if you just send me a PM here or drop an email to hell_lies_in_others at hotmail dot co dot uk with 'GTT reservation' as the subject - just let me know how many copies you'd like me to hold for you. As soon as they get put up for pre-sale I will inform everyone who made a reservation of how to make payment (which will be via Paypal). I hope this helps anyone whose worried about missing out!

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