martedì 16 febbraio 2010

OBSCUREX is an new finnish label focusing on Noise, Power Electronics and Ambient music.
Website is located at:
We also have small distribution which is located at:

First release is:
Praying For Oblivion - 'Turm Schweigen' CD
Music from the decaying and dying cities representing one's own innerself.

56 minutes, 7 long tracks of Harsh Industrial Noise and Power Electronics.
All tracks recorded: 1998-2007
Remastered December 23.2009.
All electronics and vocals recorded by: Andrew Seal
Comes in a slim DVD case. Limited to 200.

10 Euros + Shipping

Orders, trades, etc to: niko(at)



If you need more info about Praying For Oblivion, there is an good interview at Special Interests #2.

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