giovedì 10 dicembre 2009

Ramleh 'Valediction' on Second Layer Records.
The first new power-electronics material from Ramleh since 1984, and their first full-length album in 12 years.


Gary Mundy: electronics, guitar, vocals
Anthony di Franco: synth, electronics, bass, guitar

After a new ‘rock’ 10-inch EP co-released earlier this year by Black Rose Recordings and an also resurrected Broken Flag, Second Layer Records are extremely proud to present Valediction - the first all new Ramleh album since 1997, and the first new power electronics recordings from the project for 25 years. And yet Valediction is no ordinary “power-electronics” record, nor is it anything as straightforward as simply a return to their roots. Valediction is very much an entity of its own – both consolidating and expanding upon everything Ramleh have touched on in the past, but also digging into entirely fresh ground for the band. Valediction is, perhaps, Ramleh’s most bleakly psychedelic creation so far. Comes in a 4-panel gatefold sleeve with 8 page booklet with photos and cut-up lyrics from some of the tracks. Limited to 1000 copies.

Paypal: info AT secondlayer DOT co DOT uk
UK £10 PPD; EU/ROW £12 PPD. Please mark 'Valediction' in the subject line.

***Valediction album launch this Friday – live sets from Ramleh (Gary Mundy / ADF line-up, power-electronics set), Voltigeurs (Matthew Bower & Samantha Davies) and Sudden Infant. Info here:-***

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