giovedì 28 gennaio 2010

Filth & Violence + Freak Animal proudly present:
*BIZARRESSMANIA "what´s your pleasure sir?" LP (15.00,-) NEW
Bizarre Uproar + Sick Seed + Mania collaborate in monstrous noise assault!
Heavy, brutal and intense. Packaged in heavy duty black covers, and each
copy weight almost half kilo, so prepare for heavy duty shipping costs...
Outside Europe it may be adviced to contact Freak Animal to get slightly
better rate. Within europe doesn't matter much.

Freak Animal presents:
*DEATHKEY "doctrine of intolerant hatred" 2xLP (22.00,-) NEW
Two white vinyl LP´s, one 2 side, another 1 sider. With 12 page 22x22cm
booklet including artwork and lyrics. Heavy duty high gloss white
cardboard sleeve with black print where paint is black mixed with uv
laquer. Strange nearly marble texture in print. This notorious american
band mixes together hard and noisy sounds, dark PE/industrial and gruff
vocals. Utmost occult darkness and explicit hatred not adviced for those
easily offended. His best works to date!

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