sabato 9 gennaio 2010

Two new tapes out on Self Abuse


Kakerlak - Reproductive Activity Rhythms C30 $ 6
Harsh Noise the way it should be, Raw, Ugly and Dirty. Very Very Dirty. Like that old Whore you picked up at the Bar last weekend. Sure, the Alcohol might have numbed the pain at the time, but the memories of her pallid, scabbed flesh and how she stank of decay still linger on. You can still smell it on you, and no matter how much you clean, the bugs will keep coming back. They're a part of you now. First 50 copies come with a button.


Sick Miner - Sick Miner C45 $ 6
The first publicly available (?) release from this Nova Scotia artists. Dark, Cold and Suffocating, like the Mines that were once the life blood of the small town he lives in. Long since closed, leaving behind a Forsaken and Desolate wasteland of ruined lives, blackened lungs, and the ghosts of the hundreds who died deep beneath the earth. They will never rest. They will never be silent.

US Postage = $1 a tape.
Overseas Postage - Write me and I'll figure it out.

Paypal: Patrick (at) Selfabuserecords (dot) net

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