venerdì 15 gennaio 2010

The pics kind of suck cuz the covers are too big for me to scan so i took pictures with a not so great camera.

The An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter/...Massacre split 10" lathe has been planned for over a year and is finally complete.

each project provides a static track of crackly wall noise. Edition of 41 copies. ... se/2059651

To stay in good HNW form both tracks draw inspiration from giallo/slasher films. The An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter track is titled "Scorpion's Tail" and the cover is a 5 color screen print while the ...Massacre track is titled "The Slumber Party Massacre" and is a 4 color print.

paypal address: phagetapes at yahoo dot com
price: 23$ in NA / 30$ Worldwide
sorry for the high price. lathes cost a lot to produce and printing 9 colors is very labor intensive.

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