martedì 3 agosto 2010

Love Songs
CD lim. 300 / DVD slimcase
After his contribution on the COLD MEAT compilation \"Esthetics Of
Cruelty\" ad 3 full-length releases on Solipsism, SSSR and Spatter/Blade
here the new album of Swedens DØDSDØMD.
All sounds are improvised without any instruments, synths, samplers or
computer. Only maked by feedbacks and turn the knobs on the mixer, distbox
and outboard gear. 12 mercyless noise/harsh noise tracks!
price 10.00 Euro


Sow The Wind
3\" CDR lim. 100
This is the second release of EDUCATOR.
The two tracks “400 years/hollow earth” and “white people/wigger” are \"the whole truth and nothing but the truth\" of ugly power electronics!
price 7.00 Euro

History Of Obedience
3\" CDR lim. 100
After some tapes and full length CDr on foreign labels here the first 3” CDr on L.White Records. Near 24 minutes of a nice mixture between harsh noise and a small piece of power electronics.
price 7.00 Euro

Please note that our 3\" CDR will have from now on only a limitation of 100 pieces!

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