martedì 3 agosto 2010

Sewer Goddess "Verdigris" 7"
On Baseborn



The bodies of two teenage girls were discovered on Sunday, July 29, 1973 on a dirt road near Coquille, OR.Both were nude and each girl shot once in the chest.The weapon used in the killings was a .22 cal rifle.The teenagers had been on a hiking and camping trip in LaVerne Park when the two met Roger Lynn Green who would later kill the two girls without provocation in a sudden and spontaneous act of violence.

"Verdigris" released on the 37th anniversary of the murders as a commemoration of sorts.The focus of this record is on the two victims Kathleen Marie Bechtel & Vicki Louise Fawcett.

First pressing limited to 73 numbered copies silver ink hand screened on black wallet jackets w/ two inserts.

$10.00ppd United States
$12.00ppd Americas
$14.00ppd Everywhere Else

paypal/info: cannibalcash666[at]hotmail[dot]com

The reason for such a limited initial release is because I was really cutting it close with the pressing of these records to be finished by the target date of the 28th/29th of July and only got them a few days ago.Upon inspecting the records I noticed there had been a bit of a mix up with the labels on many copies and a repress was needed.

The 2nd press records arrived yesterday and will be available Monday.
The repress records themselves look the same but they will be released in standard fold over printed jackets with slightly different art and with a different insert. (**PLUS THEY WILL BE A COUPLE OF DOLLARS CHEAPER THAN THE 1ST PRESS**)



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