sabato 30 gennaio 2010

IRON FIST OF THE SUN - Blush C-38 is out!


The synth driven PE of IFOTS is hard to define and is not instant on the ears which was one reason I took an interest in him. Blush follows and evolves from the debut CD on Cold Spring from last year. There is no in your face harsh approach here, IFOTS takes a much more subtle route than that and is all the more challenging for it. This tape comes with the usual Unrest design heavy card stock printed on both sides but with a considerably more pink approach than normal completed by Lee's inexplicable Lady Di worship. For a more in depth view of the person behind IFOTS click here: ... 2909164129

I have spent a lot of money on this tape and therefore trades will have to be very limited. By all means contact me but don't take anything for granted.

Order here:


giovedì 28 gennaio 2010

Filth & Violence + Freak Animal proudly present:
*BIZARRESSMANIA "what´s your pleasure sir?" LP (15.00,-) NEW
Bizarre Uproar + Sick Seed + Mania collaborate in monstrous noise assault!
Heavy, brutal and intense. Packaged in heavy duty black covers, and each
copy weight almost half kilo, so prepare for heavy duty shipping costs...
Outside Europe it may be adviced to contact Freak Animal to get slightly
better rate. Within europe doesn't matter much.

Freak Animal presents:
*DEATHKEY "doctrine of intolerant hatred" 2xLP (22.00,-) NEW
Two white vinyl LP´s, one 2 side, another 1 sider. With 12 page 22x22cm
booklet including artwork and lyrics. Heavy duty high gloss white
cardboard sleeve with black print where paint is black mixed with uv
laquer. Strange nearly marble texture in print. This notorious american
band mixes together hard and noisy sounds, dark PE/industrial and gruff
vocals. Utmost occult darkness and explicit hatred not adviced for those
easily offended. His best works to date!

To browse entire catalogue, just visit:

sabato 23 gennaio 2010


Out now! January 21, 2010.

Jeph Jerman / Hands To
The Vomit Arsonist
Praying For Oblivion
Mark Groves
Smell & Quim
Jukka Siikala

The Essentials

The Rita
Andy Ortmann

Tape article:
Le Syndicat
Andy Ortmann
Howard Stelzer

Art of noise
Kristian Olsson a.k.a. Alfarmania/Survival Unit. Collage art.

price 3 euro + post.
To be found from distributors what has carried previous issue.

martedì 19 gennaio 2010


Debut cassette by the straight-edge power electronics project xALLxFORxTHISx.
25 minutes of feedback, abrasive noise, samples of drunk chics and in your face straight edge dogma.
If you have even seen them live you know what to expect.

the track Throat is up on their myspace page.

edition of 100 pro dubbed cassettes.
3 panel sleeve containing lyrics to all 4 tracks.
each comes with an xALLxFORxTHISx sticker.
price 7$ in NA and 9$ Worldwide
paypal phagetapes at yahoo dot com

venerdì 15 gennaio 2010

The pics kind of suck cuz the covers are too big for me to scan so i took pictures with a not so great camera.

The An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter/...Massacre split 10" lathe has been planned for over a year and is finally complete.

each project provides a static track of crackly wall noise. Edition of 41 copies. ... se/2059651

To stay in good HNW form both tracks draw inspiration from giallo/slasher films. The An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter track is titled "Scorpion's Tail" and the cover is a 5 color screen print while the ...Massacre track is titled "The Slumber Party Massacre" and is a 4 color print.

paypal address: phagetapes at yahoo dot com
price: 23$ in NA / 30$ Worldwide
sorry for the high price. lathes cost a lot to produce and printing 9 colors is very labor intensive.

sabato 9 gennaio 2010

Two new tapes out on Self Abuse


Kakerlak - Reproductive Activity Rhythms C30 $ 6
Harsh Noise the way it should be, Raw, Ugly and Dirty. Very Very Dirty. Like that old Whore you picked up at the Bar last weekend. Sure, the Alcohol might have numbed the pain at the time, but the memories of her pallid, scabbed flesh and how she stank of decay still linger on. You can still smell it on you, and no matter how much you clean, the bugs will keep coming back. They're a part of you now. First 50 copies come with a button.


Sick Miner - Sick Miner C45 $ 6
The first publicly available (?) release from this Nova Scotia artists. Dark, Cold and Suffocating, like the Mines that were once the life blood of the small town he lives in. Long since closed, leaving behind a Forsaken and Desolate wasteland of ruined lives, blackened lungs, and the ghosts of the hundreds who died deep beneath the earth. They will never rest. They will never be silent.

US Postage = $1 a tape.
Overseas Postage - Write me and I'll figure it out.

Paypal: Patrick (at) Selfabuserecords (dot) net