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First vinyl fullength from Mattias Gustafsson aka Altar Of Flies. Since the start in 2006, this prolific artist from Mjölby, Sweden, has done releases on Cipher, Husk, Hästen & Korset, Nil By Mouth and 905, just to name a few. Förruttnelsen is the first new release on RTB since the split LP with Sewer Election which was released early 2008. More organic and mostly recorded live to tape, Förruttnelsen shows a side of Altar Of Flies more reminiscent to the sounds of his live shows. This is more minimalistic in it's approach, weaving together tapeloops, field recordings, junk abuse and raw disciplined electronics creating an claustrophobic and bleak soundscape. Everything slowly builds up towards the abrasive 14 minute long title track closer, making this an monumental journey in all it's gloomy glory. Recorded between April and December 2009. 5 tracks, 41 minutes. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson (Ättestupa). Full colour artwork by Daniel Fagerström. 270 copies.

Also new:
Blessure Grave/Lust For Youth 7" (mailorder only)
Dolphins Into The Future - The Music Of Belief CD
Blessure Grave - Judged By 12, Carried By 6 LP

Next up:
Ättestupa - 2nd LP

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CLO GOELACH/ASHLEY C "Personal Abattoir" C35 - RELEASED!!!


This is split & ideological collaboration between Lithuania & Denmark.

Every project gives 3 untitled tracks of heavy power electronics/noise.

Clo Goelach side is more lo-fi, more post-mortem dead electronics in the air.

Ashley C gives heavy rumbling layers of noise walls.

C35 professionally duplicated tape packaged in plastic bag with rough both-side xeroxed label.

6EU (Europe) 7EU (World)

Copies for trade & wholesale (2-5 pieces) are available.

Edition of 50.

Ready to go!

I will have them at the gig in Copenhagen too (February,28).

PayPal : info @

co-release between Bestial Burst and Filth&Violence.
15e plus postages.

PESTDEMON - Doppelgänger C30

Order here:

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Esoteric Dark Industrial spawned during the early 1990's in the wastelands of Vancouver, British Columbia. Dark churning and brooding atmospheres that summon visions of bleakness and pain.

Material created between 1994 and 1996 was collected onto a single cassette titled "DEMOnology" which has remained in the shadows for over a decade. One track from this recording, "Wasteland Earth" was exhumed for a cd compilation in 2006. Two years later, another track, "Hymn of a Psycho" was procured for the Audial Decimation Compilation Vol. 1 cd.

For the first time, a portion of the original demo is now available. Five of the most powerful and engaging tracks were harnessed for this release, including the two previously only available on the various artist compilations mentioned above. Now grouped together with three previously unheard and unreleased tracks for this release.

Pro white shell cassettes with white ink, housed within a vinyl binder with cover and insert. Limited to 100 copies.

$8 p/p in the US
$10 p/p everywhere else

Wholesale available. No trades.

Write to orders (at) will be updated this weekend.
OBSCUREX is an new finnish label focusing on Noise, Power Electronics and Ambient music.
Website is located at:
We also have small distribution which is located at:

First release is:
Praying For Oblivion - 'Turm Schweigen' CD
Music from the decaying and dying cities representing one's own innerself.

56 minutes, 7 long tracks of Harsh Industrial Noise and Power Electronics.
All tracks recorded: 1998-2007
Remastered December 23.2009.
All electronics and vocals recorded by: Andrew Seal
Comes in a slim DVD case. Limited to 200.

10 Euros + Shipping

Orders, trades, etc to: niko(at)



If you need more info about Praying For Oblivion, there is an good interview at Special Interests #2.
narco011 wince "chaude-pisse" c-20


sex stained black hole torture and warm fluids worship. another fatal dose of midwest disease.

edition of 41 professionally duplicated clear tapes.

narco012 knullkraft "rannstensromantik" one sided c-40


raw feedback driven bestialism and fullmoon hysteria from the swedish catacombs. debut release by this project w concrete threat member.

edition of 39 professionally duplicated black tapes.

6 euros each (postage not included)

paypal to

a few copies of both of these will be available via phage tapes and self abuse, so this should be a better option for the US customers.


Danvers State Recordings is proud to present the following three releases, the first of 2010:

PANTHER MODERN - Last Judgment Machine C60
DSR is proud to present 60 minutes of tortured, depressing industrial noise straight from the bowels of Hell (New Jersey). A note from the artist: "[On this recording], you'll hear a brainwave generator, a 13 layer wall of noise, field recordings of abandoned buildings, scream therapy sessions, audio conversions of the waves of stars, numbers stations, stolen snippets of ex-girlfriends, etc." A very personal, complex and masterful recording indeed, destined to be a classic in the industrial noise genre. 45 copies.

Panther Modern - "Stone Operation"

NYODENE D - God & Country C40
Nyodene D presents what is easily his most focused work to date. A concept release dealing with both oppressors (media, religion, government) and the oppressed (everyone else), "God & Country" is 40 minutes of brutal power electronics and crumbling death industrial. Features Stephen Petrus (MURDEROUS VISION) on extra percussion and vocals. Packaged in a J case, with a full color, 4 panel insert & lyric sheet. 45 copies.

Nyodene D - "Seven Bowls" excerpt:

TEAROOM TRADE - Tearoom Trade C36
Filthy, vile and completely anonymous power electronics inspired by Laud Humphrey's book "Tearoom Trade: Anonymous Sex in Public Places." No wives. No girlfriends. This is the sound of men at sleazy glory holes. Packaged in a J case, with a full color, 4 panel insert & lyric sheet. 50 copies.

Tearoom Trade - "Locked Away" excerpt:

ALL RELEASES $6ppd US // $8ppd WORLD

WILT/BEREFT - First Chain to the Moon/Gathering Strength
RU-486 - Disease & Development (2 COPIES LEFT!)

MURDEROUS VISION - Salvation on Sand Mountain C60
ICHOROUS - Fleeting Glimpse C20
CONTENT NULLITY - Despondency Overdose C46

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Ready to ship today.
If you're in contact with some of artists, they'll have their copies very soon available.

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM "thin skinned" cd
3rd tape from 1989 presents 2 long tracks, in total c. 45 minutes of playing time of experiemental industrial by the Japanese cult band. Those who heard the previous two tapes re-issued, can´t go wrong with this one! Industrial Recollections.

EGOPROBLEM "Exit/Tape/Kill" CD
Year 1994 in Norway. Lasse Marhaug has yet to start working under his own name. Obscure short lived project just before that, titled Egoproblem releases one 20 minute tape and performs one live gigs. This CD collects those materials, presenting the most straight forward industrial/power electronics works of Lasse Marhaug. In total c. 40 minutes of simple but effective works full of hard tones and metal banging. Tape/Exit/Kill from original DAT tape, live recording with decayed and crude industrial-noise attack! including liner notes by the artists.

EX.ORDER "The Law Of Heresy" CD
Re-issue of famous 1997 tape of Ex.Order. Presenting the band at their gloomy and dark approach to german power electronics. Throbbing echo drenched and suffocating material atmosphere. Oscillating synthesizers, vocals, samples, loops.. Including collaborations with Dagda Mor and Dies.
Original artwork used and sound mastered from DAT tape showing the clarity and power as it originally was!

STREICHER "Hammerskins / Der Sturmer / 90's compilations" CD
5th part of Streicher collection presents two full tapes: "hammerskins" and "der sturmer" and additionally all his compilation appereances from 90's except War Against Society. C. 70 minutes of material is guaranteed Streicher skins hatefuck! Original master tapes used for maximum sonic damage!

SMELL & QUIM "A Sod's as good as a wank to a blind arse" CD
Notorious Smell & Quim balances on edge of works of genious and retard. Obscure aesthetics mix culture, art, sleaze, humor and noise actions into unique mix that can be only from S&Q! Studio recording tape originally on STF now re-issued with artwork following the original ideas and sound re-mastered by band with slightly more clarity.

SMELL & QUIM "The Christmas Album" CD
Notorious Smell & Quim balances on edge of works of genious and retard. Obscure aesthetics mix culture, art, sleaze, humor and noise actions into unique mix that can be only from S&Q! Part studio part live, tape originally on SFCR now re-issued with artwork following the original ideas and sound re-mastered by band with slightly more clarity.

Originally 1994 release on Zero Cabal, infamous international compilation with Streicher, Black Leather Jesus, Control Resistance, Daniel Menche, Fuck The World/Cunnyplug, W-Project, Grey Wolves, Macronympha, Nimoy and monstrous 20 minute contribution from Incapacitants! Original art, sound from original mastertapes with volume levels balanced better than original tape, but no additional cleaning or boosting!

Originally 1994 release on Zero Cabal, infamous international compilation with Streicher, Taint, Con-Dom, Daniel Menche, Macronympha, Nimoy, Odal, Goldenrod, Fascist Imperium, Contagious Orgasm! Original art, sound from original mastertapes with volume levels balanced better than original tape, but no additional cleaning or boosting!

and previous releases still hot.. and very last copies available!!!

BIZARRESSMANIA "what´s your pleasure sir?" LPBizarre Uproar + Sick Seed + Mania collaborate in monstrous noise assault! Heavy, brutal and intense. Packaged in heavy duty black covers, and each copy weight almost half kilo, so prepare for heavy duty shipping costs... Freak Animal + Filth&Violence

DEATHKEY "doctrine of intolerant hatred" 2xLP
Two white vinyl LP´s, one 2 side, another 1 sider. With 12 page 22x22cm booklet including artwork and lyrics. Heavy duty high gloss white cardboard sleeve with black print where paint is black mixed with uv laquer. Strange nearly marble texture in print. This notorious american band mixes together hard and noisy sounds, dark PE/industrial and gruff vocals. Utmost occult darkness and explicit hatred not adviced for those easily offended. His best works to date!
Greetings all. A small note from Sexkrime Kommand.

:1: Sexkrime Arts' latest batch of tapes received a fantastic review from Byron Coley & Thurston Moore in their recent Bull Tongue column of

:2: All three tapes (CORPORATE PARK, CUSTODIAN, J/O) are still available to order, though supplies are running thin.

:3: Keep an eye out for upcoming releases in the near future: Bestializer, Exploring Jezebel, Rape-X, Pink Sexdeath, Femicide, Climax Denial


- Paid pre-orders are now being accepted
- Shipping on or before Monday March 1, 2010

BloodLust! New Release

Artist: Mark Solotroff
Title: "Archive02"
Format: Professionally duplicated CD-R
Catalog Number: BloodLust! 132
Genre: Noise / Industrial / Experimental / Power-Electronics


BloodLust! is pleased to announce the second release in the Mark Solotroff "Archive" series. In the planning stages for over two years, this series of seven CDs will cover all of Solotroff's solo output, released under his own name in 1995 and 1996. All of these recordings were originally released on cassette by a small group of labels, including BloodLust!, G.R.O.S.S. [Japan], Less Than Zero [Italy], Old Europa Cafe [Italy], and Slaughter Productions [Italy]. Each release will include bonus material, consisting of either compilation tracks from the same labels, or newly created remixes. At the time that these recordings were made, Solotroff had switched gears between Intrinsic Action and BLOODYMINDED and he had recently completed the recording of the first 50 analog synthesizer-based Super Eight Loop cassettes. This small body of work gave Solotroff the opportunity to put away the synths and to try something different. In 1995, the idea of using guitar effect pedals as ones primary "instrument" in making heavy noise was still fairly novel, and Solotroff made use of an arsenal of distortion, delay, flanger, phaser, and other pedals, running either radio frequencies [scanner or shortwave] or his voice through the complex chain of FX. The results fit squarely into what was, at the time, being discussed as a new American noise style that was developing away from the power-electronics scene, and which eventually evolved into the harsh noise subgenre of today.

For the second entry in the series, a companion piece to "Archive01," the lead track is taken from Side-B of the very first BloodLust release, "Instrumental Demonstration Of Death-Noise" [B!000 - 1995], a cassette that was released in a numbered limited edition of 100 copies. The bonus track is remixed from an edit of that material. The packaging for these releases is based upon the format established with the two Mark Solotroff + Sshe Retina Stimulants CDs that were released by BloodLust! in 2008 [B!101 + B!102], and the entire series will follow this unifying template. These are professionally duplicated CDs, with single panel, double-sided inserts, featuring color artwork; in jewel boxes with shrinkwrap; released in 2010.


1. The First 45 Minutes After A Violent Death (45:26)
2. Instrumental Demonstration Of Death-Noise (Edit/Remix 02) (25:29)
(Total running time: 70:56)


Price: $14.00 USA/$16.00 Canada+Mexico/$18.00 Rest of World @ postpaid
(Wholesale rates available to distributors, mail-order services, and record stores; please inquire)

Please use for PayPal payments


Hell Lies In Others is very happy to announce the release of 'Tsutomu Miyazaki' a 3-track C30 cassette from Gnaw Their Tongues which will be issued in an edition of 100 copies in March 2010 on white chrome cassettes.

Keep your pre-conceptions at the door and hold back just for one minute as this isn't your typical Gnaw Their Tongues release. Influenced by Japanese serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki and recorded on both analogue and digital synths with a barrage of samples, bass and live percussion, these recordings capture the uneasy and unsettling feeling which convey the horrific story of Miyazaki and his crimes in an explosion of terrifying abstract noise.

Two of the tracks titles are named after letters which Miyazaki sent to the families of his victims:

To the family of victim Erika Nanba, Miyazaki sent a morbid postcard which had been assembled from words cut out of magazines: "Erika. Cold. Cough. Throat. Rest. Death."

To the family of Miyazakis first victim Mari Konno, he charred her remaining bones in his furnace, ground them into powder and sent them to her family in a box, along with several of her teeth, photos of her clothes and a postcard reading: "Mari. Cremated. Bones. Investigate. Prove."

The third and final track is aptly named 'Tsutomo Miyazaki'.

"Erika. Cold. Cough. Throat. Rest. Death" is up now on our music player for a limited time only.

Seeing as there's quite a bit of interest in this release, I am able to take advance reservations for it if you just send me a PM here or drop an email to hell_lies_in_others at hotmail dot co dot uk with 'GTT reservation' as the subject - just let me know how many copies you'd like me to hold for you. As soon as they get put up for pre-sale I will inform everyone who made a reservation of how to make payment (which will be via Paypal). I hope this helps anyone whose worried about missing out!

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The first two releases are out on the new swedish label Nattmaran. Order through or pick them up through RTB

KRISTIAN OLSSON - Att vara där jag var innan jag var jag LP
Kristian Olsson should not need any presentation due to his work with Alfarmania, Blood Ov Thee Christ, Shock Tilt, Styggelse etc. On ”Att vara där jag...” K.O presents ten cuts of oppressive industrial filth filtered through a unhealthy dose of intoxication, paranoia, depression and death. Comes with a A2 poster.

Limited to 275 copies.

This feedback loving duo from Gothenburg did a fierceful opening in 2009 with their uncompromising cassette on Gothenburg Blood Cult, a recording drenched in feedback and abuse. On this recording Källarbarnen is moving towards a more minimalistic and atmospheric sound, a bleak and dreary journey into the realms of suffocating isolation. Recorded directly to tape in June 2009. 5 tracks in 24 minutes.

Limited to 275 copies.

All prices are including postage and paypal fees.

Sverige: 155 SEK
Europe/World: 17€

Sverige: 200 SEK
Europe/WORLD: 21€


Sverige: 290 SEK
Europe/World: 33€

Contact & paypal payment to:

All orders will be mailed out within 7 days.

Live video the releasefest yesterday

Time of Violence [Strömkarlen 3] C-30

Years in the making but you won't hear that. A-side is "studio" recordings and B-side is live at Utmarken 081213.
"Good to hear a straight forward power electronics tape." HSKO/Alfarmania

Price 8 EUROs postpaid anywhere in the world. Paypal account j.kellagher [xxx]

Distribution: Segerhuva and Freak Animal.