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Freak Animal / Industrial Recollections 11/09

Out now on 23.11.2009
Artists will have their copies soon, so those in touch with them can ask directly.

*JASON CRUMER "two first records on cd" cd (12.00,-) NEW
You missed two albums of about the best American harsh noise there was done in 2000´s? Sold out LP´s on RRR and LP on Harsh Head Rituals now collected into one full length CD. Simple b/w artwork in jewelbox. Check out total analogue destruction, tape manipulations, frantic vocals, infernal rumbling noise with amazing textures. Do not miss! Freak Animal Records cd-50

*MACRONYMPHA "amplified humans" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Industrial Recollections is proud to present re-issues of infamous USA harsh noise unit Macronympha! 3 discs published at the same time to gives diverse presentation of Macro sound. Amplified Humans often referred as their best tape. Mastered directly from original master tapes by band members. With black/white artwork in jewelbox, reprinting original covers. Industrial Recollections.

*MACRONYMPHA "baroque" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Industrial Recollections is proud to present re-issues of infamous USA harsh noise unit Macronympha! 3 discs published at the same time to gives diverse presentation of Macro sound. Baroque tape, originally ltd 100 copies, is such a masterpiece it was many years ago intended to CD on SFCR/Armed And Loaded, but never happened. Best companion for those who worship "Amplified Humans", perhaps even stronger! Mastered directly from original master tapes by band members. With black/white artwork in jewelbox, reprinting original covers. Industrial Recollections.

*MACRONYMPHA "notes from underground" cd (12.00,-) NEW
Industrial Recollections is proud to present re-issues of infamous USA harsh noise unit Macronympha! 3 discs published at the same time to gives diverse presentation of Macro sound. Notes From Underground offers the more straight forward rumbling distorted noise assault. Two master tape versions existed of this release, and chosen was the one with more detail & dynamics as opposed to slightly more blown up compressed one that may be also in circulation on tape version. Mastered directly from original master tapes by band members. With black/white artwork in jewelbox, reprinting original covers. Industrial Recollections.

Distributors yet to be confirmed, but suspecting all the same as before.
USA Malignant
JAP Molehill, Neds
GER Tesco, Loki
UK 2nd layer, unrest,

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$10 Stratvm Terror
This Is My Own Hell CD

Welcoming the return of Peter Andersson (Raison D'etre, Necrophorous) and Tobias Larsson (Ocean chief), Existence Establishment and Reverse Alignment present "This is My Own Hell" with over an hour's worth of the darkest, bleakest industrial soundscapes these artists have delivered. Spanning minimalist dark ambience to doomed industrial passages Stratvm Terror portrays an absolutely hopeless atmosphere of pure desolation. With artwork featuring the paintings of Mia Mäkilä, "This is My Own Hell" may just be your own pleasure. Limited to 1000 copies in 4 panel full color digipak. Available in Europe from Reverse Alignment and Existence Establishment for the rest of the world.
  1. ...
  2. In Oblivion
  3. Unveiled Is My Skin [Full Track]
  4. In God We Do Not Trust
  5. Walk With Fire [Excerpt]
  6. No Redemption No Remorse
  7. My Hell [Excerpt]
  8. Now Ever Sleep
  • Full color artwork on glossy stock
  • Pro-pressed CD limited to 1000 copies.
  • Beautifully rendered design by Mia Mäkilä.


*Purchase this and other releases by paypaling to or from the Existence Establishment MySpace page.


1 more copy left: Sky Burial - Skinwalker 3"CDR

!DELETED! Xiphoid Dementia - Rehearsals for Extinct Sonorities DVD

Upcoming Releases:
  • Xiphoid Dementia - Might Is Blight CD
  • Noisewerrrrk - TBD CDR
  • V/A - Blood Ties Document 2008 CDR
  • Lackthrow - TBD 2xCDR

Still Accepting Submissions for Blood Ties Document 2008:

Blood Ties Documents are aimed to be a yearly compilation of "notes from the noise/industrial/experimental/ambient/etc. underground." They will be limited CDR releases that will be mailed for free to labels and projects that have made submissions to Blood Ties over the last year as a "thank you" for thier continuing support of my webzine, and the world of noise in general. Extraneous copies will also be sold through Existence Establishment for an economical price.
Blood Ties Document 2008 Compilation Submissions:
Rules are that the submission in question can be available no where else and must have been created in the year 2008. Valid submissions can include live sets, tracks from sold-out limited releases, outtakes, and anything else you can think of. Feel free to submit artwork, photos or anything else of any signifigance. All artists that are accepted and appear on the final comp will recieve 2 free copies, and copies will be sent out to labels who have submitted releases to Blood Ties.
Submissions can be sent (preferrably in digital format) to:

Egan Budd
104 Walter St.
Roslindale, MA

or links can be emailed to:


$10 Human Larvae
Home Is Where The Hurt Is CD

Click to view the trailer.

Introducing the debut full-length of this new Dresden based heavy industrial/power electronics unit following his 3 inch CDR on Silken Tofu. Taking cues from styles as diverse as the cinematic Navicon Torture Technologies and grungy lo-fi ...Today I'm Dead, Human Larvae delivers an emotional torrent of self-destructive force with "Home is Where the Hurt Is". Spanning a running time of over an hour, styles range from rhythmic orchestral industrial to bleak passages of black noise with a good dosage of throbbing feedback and scathing vocals. There is some sick twisted narrative to be found here but the search for these mysterious happenings will bring you to places you may never return from.
  1. I Feel Therefore I Hurt
  2. Radiation Wasteland [Excerpt]
  3. Rapist Pig [Full Track]
  4. I Do This Because I Love You
  5. To Hide in Her Uterus and Hopefully Suffocate in Absolute Tranquility
  6. A Celebration of Open Skin [Excerpt]
  7. Tis My Desire to Loath in the Fires of Vengeance
  8. Lips Will Bleed + Hearts Will Break [Excerpt]
  9. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
  • Each copy hand numbered and assembled.
  • Pro-pressed CD limited to 500 copies.
  • Black and metallic red ink printed on recycled heavy stock.
  • Beautifully rendered design by Monica Greenwald.


$4 V/A
Blood Ties Document 2007[/b]

A collection of noise and experimental music created in 2007. Tracks from sold-out limited releases, live sets, outtakes, etc. Ranging from minimal ambient and experimental, to power electronics, to harsh noise.

Featuring: Anapthergal, Keplers Odd, Content Nullity, Oubliette, Fixture for Toxins, Lackthrow, Noisewerrrrk, Norther Machine, +Dog+, Mystified, and Salvation for Sale.

Blood Ties Document is a yearly compilation that will be sent out to labels and artists that have made submissions to Blood Ties WebZine.

  1. Lakkalanga - cL.Y
  2. +Dog+ - No Regrets
  3. Content Nullity - Pure Refined Chaos [Full Track]
  4. Oubliette - RTHHDFGHDFH
  5. Lackthrow - CUSP
  6. Noisewerrrrk - Baal Molok Remix
  7. Fixture For Toxins - Skynning Till Puder [Full Track]
  8. Salvation for Sale - Valerie Solanas
  9. Anapthergal - Live 9.24.07 [Excerpt]
  10. Northern Machine - Everthing Touches Everything Else
  11. Keplers Odd - 070826-3 [Excerpt]
  12. Mystified - Expedition Ghosts
  • Comes in a unique hand made sleeve.
  • Silkscreened artwork with printed insert.
  • Each individual copy hand-numbered.
  • Limited to 78 copies.


$10 Broken Diode

Screaming On The Inside

Twisted, abused, and squealing electronics meld to form an abrasive wall of unrelenting blistering noise. Textures range from crunchy-cut up brutality to wallowing passages of self-destructive loathing. The debut album from this Dresden based project rises from the ashes of broken towers and forms a scathing intrinsic diatribe.
  1. Emotional Discharge I [Full Track]
  2. Emotional Discharge II [Excerpt]
  3. Emotional Discharge III
  4. Emotional Discharge IV
  5. Emotional Discharge V
  6. Emotional Discharge VI [Excerpt]
  7. Emotional Discharge VII
  8. Emotional Discharge VIII
  • First 74 copies comes with gross corroded metal case.
  • Comes with a full color 11'x17' poster.
  • Each individual copy hand-numbered.
  • Limited to 104 copies.
  • Note: Due to the handmade nature of the release, packaging may vary


T-shirt sizes available: small, medium, large (xl sold out in boston). Gildan Ultra Cotton.

3" CDR - "Mother Agony". Exclusive material. This is a studio version of the set performed in Boston for the fest (was this performed at apex?).

Both shirt and cdr are limited to only 35x

Shirt + CDR - $28world / $21 US PPD
Shirt Only - $22world / $17 US PPD
CDR Only - $7world / $5 US PPD

payment can be made via paypal to

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narco 006

order of nine angels - the abyss is the gate c-50

potion induced hibernation and irreversible descent into the blackest of holes. monotonous and lethal satanic ritual abuse.

edition of 39 professionally duplicated clear tapes.



narco 007

klinikal skum - medicine grin c-60

full lenght release by the master of nightmare electronics. vacuum raised epidemics and incessant paranoia.

edition of 47 professionally duplicated white tapes.



narco 008

bachir gemayel - assassination one sided c-80

bloodrenched abrasive attack of militancy and honour. one long hate filled track of sweet revenge. rot in hell elie hobeika!

edition of 35 professionally duplicated clear tapes.



narco 009

flesh coffin - demons in the mist c-40

bleak conjurations floating in neverending static. heavy opressive HNW fog from the northern lands.

edition of 33 professionally duplicated black tapes


6 euros each tape / 20 euros for the whole batch

postage not included

sorry for the extra euro on the price of the tapes but pro-duplication prices have increased quite a bit, specially for such small quantities as the ones I put out. hope you guys understand.

also, really can´t do trades this time (apart from a few ones previously arranged that I want to honour)

lots of great stuff on the plans, I am sure you won´t be disappointed.

for orders please write to

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Available Now. Paypal : Osnalithic (at) Gmail (dot) com. Available for $8 US PPD individually, or both for $15 US PPD. Trades Considered.

As of today, we have 35 Soup Purse and 20 Death Factory remaining. We also have the last 4 copies of the "Thank You Pastor" compilation from earlier this year. Details Below.

Audio samples from all releases available at
Any questions, e-mail the above address or PM me here. Thanks.



(DDR-06) Soup Purse - "Encounter Group"

"As the group went on, the driving urge to act out my aggression faded. When a German man told me I reminded him of the mother he hated, my first impulse was to ignore, avoid, deflect his remark. All my life I had run away from hostility. At the faintest breath of trouble in a public encounter I grabbed the oil and started pouring. In that instant I became aware of what a coward I really was. My aggression had always been undercover; it turned tail and ran when attacked.

It came to me now to face up this man's aggressiveness, to let mine off the leash entirely. I didn't feel at all aggressive, but a wave is coming, I'm going to ride that wave.

"So what were you doing to your mother?", I sneer, eyebrows rising suggestively. 'Maybe she should have beaten you harder. You Nazi's are all motherfuckers at heart.'

Wolfgang pushes me down on the floor, pins my arms and beats me with German efficiency, striking my legs and thighs with his fists and elbows, slapping my face, over and over. As if I were one of the onlookers I watch my body respond-- spitting, swearing, laughing. I can still see the faces in the room like a remembered movie: faces full of fear ('he may killer her!'), uncertainty ('should I stop him?'), anger ('why doesn't someone do something!'), and just plain voyeur fascination. Teertha stays expressionless, alert.

Wolfgang stops of his own accord. That night he runs a fever, want's to leave the group, but Teertha persuades him to stay. 'It happens often when you get into deep stuff', he tells him. 'You'll be fine in the morning'.

It feels as natural to mother him as it had to taunt him. I bring him extra blankets, bring my own blankets and curl up beside him; fetch him ice cold water in the night. He's fine in the morning. And so am I- my body a mass of bruises but inside I feel light, airy. As if some ancient burdens had fallen away."

Brand new thirty minute release from D. Todd Dickerson aka Soup Purse. Described by Dickerson as a "'concept album' regarding ecstatic 'numbing', fascination with the east, (and) the effects of experimental group therapies..", "Encounter Group" finds Soup Purse deranged in its precision, schooled and properly obsessed with its source material, and heavily awash in tape hiss.

Seven damaged, hallucinatory collages, persuading and persuaded, from the inimitable Portland-based cult of one... Listen loud and devoted.

Edition of 60. Chrome C30's Packaged in hard plastic oversized storage cases w/ original wraparound artwork and hand-labeling by Gentian Osman.

($8.00 US PPD / $12.00 Worldwide PPD)



(DDR-05) Death Factory - "The Gospel According To Jack"

Culled from studio and live radio recordings laid down in 2008 & 2009, and loosely formed around messianic sermons delivered by a(n) (un)named Middle American evangelist, "The Gospel According to Jack" shows Chicago's Death Factory (Michael Krause) in prime form, masterful in a variety of settings. Krause is equally skilled in creating the structured solo analog synth based noise that makes up the title track and the sludgy "Pagan Transmitter" as he is as a player in the here excerpted untitled avant freak session with fellow Chicagoan Right Eye Rita. Two decades in and more than ever deserving to be heard, consider this an ideal sampler of the current works of this long running, multi-faceted Industrial force.

Edition of 40 copies. Screen printed Chrome C30's with wraparound paper slip and polycases, packaged in screen printed black satin bags.

($8.00 US PPD / $10.00 Worldwide PPD)



(DDR-04) V/A - " Exploitation Racket Series Vol. I : THANK YOU PASTOR" (ONLY 4 LEFT)

A Power Electronics & Harsh Noise examination of religion-associated exploitation and perversion.
Features New Tracks from Sharpwaist, Waterdogs, Human Larvae, Soup Purse, Werewolf Jerusalem, Verdant, The Vomit Arsonist, Content Nullity, Bereft, Mold Crevice, Robe., The Slasher is the Sex Maniac!, Fear Konstruktor, RU-486, White Torture, Thee Virginal Brides, Keloid Schematics, & Opponents.

Released in an edition of 100 copies, 2 C42's Chrome Cassettes (50 on 2 x Magenta, 50 on 2 x Yellow) housed in a storage style case, with wraparound original artwork by Gentian Osman. Includes a 22 page booklet containing lyrics, explanations, photos, and artwork corresponding with each track. Each copy is hand wrapped in a heavy cloth "prayer handkerchief".

($12 US PPD/$16 US PPD for Worldwide Shipping)


Coming in 2010 :

- Mistress - "TBA" C20 (Raw, Rhythmic, Vocal based Industrial from Texas)
- Koufar - "Machiavellian Theory" C30 + Info Pamphlet (Militant Maronite Power Electronics)
- Empty Remains - "TBA" C20 (Seattle Doom Noise Shriek)
- Verdant / Mold Crevice - "Red Rose / Blue Benzo" Split 7" (Skewed, Unique US Power Electronics)
- Pink Sexdeath (RU) / Content Nullity (UK) / Taeter (IT) / Mold Crevice (US)- Split 2xC20 (Perverse PE Respresenting Russia,
the UK, Italy, and the U.S.)
- A New German Flag - "TBA" C20 (West Coast Heavy Analog Synth/Death Industrial)
- V/A - "Exploitation Racket Series Volume II" Deluxe Compilation (Second in the Series. Artists TBA)

drifter din. :
mold crevice.
DSR12 - CAMISOLE - The Truth About Adipocere: The Skinpeel Sessions C30
Two side long tracks of helpless and bleak low-fi death industrial, with a small hint of power electronics thrown into the mix. Featuring vocals by Acrimonia from the Canadian black metal band ETHERIC VOID. Edition of 33.

DSR13 - RU-486 - Disease and Development C10
RU-486 serves up two slabs of filthy, violent PE. This fucker sounds like it was recorded in 1982, and could easily fit in on BROKEN FLAG. Absolutely not to be missed for fans of old school PE and industrial. Edition of 65.

THE BLACKMOOR STRANGLER is Richard Ramirez, doing what he does best. This project has only few releases under its belt, and DSR is proud to present this one. UK's CORPSE CANDLE brings creepy dark ambience that slowly evolves into a wall of crushing noise. Crucial for fans of wall noise. Edition of 37.

DSR15 - WILT/BEREFT - Split C43
Wilt presents one side long track, slowly creeping and evolving through wave after wave of nightmarish dark ambient noise. BEREFT takes a slightly different approach than their past few releases, focusing more on synth driven industrial noise. Edition of 100.




THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE - Live in Muenster C40 (last copy!)
CHURNER - The Rancid Blessing C30 (6 copies left)
MAZAKON TACTICS - Squirming in Prurience C20 (last copy!)

Urashima news november 18st 2009

An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter

Urashima 007- LP

Side A [15:14]

01. Julie Wardh 15:14

Side B [14:24]

02. Next! 4:15

03. Brink of madness 10:09

An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter is a project of harsh noise walls from Houston, Texas and began in 1994 with the release "Blues". The name of the project came from an headline in a true crime book. The work is inspired by the Italian horror genre known as "Giallo". The first vinyl after fifteen years of amazing publications on tapes and CDs titled Mrs.Wardh is devoted entirely to Sergio Martino’s film Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh, to actress Edwige Fenech and to actor George Hilton. Hypnotic storm of sounds with dense noise pattern that bangs it into your head! Current line-up is Richard Ramirez (Werewolf Jerusalem/Black Leather Jesus) and Cristiano Renzoni (Alo Girl). The LP comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, limited to 147 hand numbered copies w/insert.

The Rita / Alo Girl

Urashima 008 - LP

Side A [14:05]

01. Untitled 14:05

Side B [14:00]

02. Untitled 14:00

A new collaboration with Canadian harsh noise artist THE RITA and Italian harsh noise artist ALO GIRL (Urashima label owner Cristiano Renzoni). Taking the combined love of both projects for knives, legs, black hose and Giallo films, the two vinyl tracks fill your ears with a solid flow of scratchy and roaring auditory dirt ! The LP comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, limited to 147 hand numbered copies w/two insert. Legs on both sides of the cover by Alo Girl approved by The Rita!


Werewolf Jerusalem

Urashima 001- LP SOLD OUT!

Alo Girl


Mutant Ape

Buried on't Moors

Urashima 003 - LP WHOLESALE PRICE : 12 euro

Sshe Retina Stimulants

Souls And Waltzes From The Telegraph Frontier

Urashima 004 - LP WHOLESALE PRICE : 12 euro

Vice Wears Black Hose

Part 3

Urashima 005 - LP WHOLESALE PRICE : 12 euro VERY FEW COPIES!

Alo Girl / Last Rape


Urashima 006 - LP WHOLESALE PRICE : 12 euro


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This is new website of Exoteric 'zine. Due to some circumstances, I have decided to stop the online activity and to concentrate my efforts on the print edition.

Something will continue to be posted on the blog, check it out if you want to read some news about the power-electronics and industrial scene, maybe some short reviews will be available, too.

Nothing is planned at the moment, the fifth issue is already in my mind, but I'm looking for some help from friends and interested people, making fanzines and working for life is not so easy.

However have a nice reading and don't forget to visit Nil By Mouth web headquarter.
Aldo V.

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