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martedì 26 ottobre 2010

lunedì 18 ottobre 2010

DISGUST - Where Angels Fear to Tread C36
No coast PE. This recording is an absolute beast - vicious, hateful and loud as fuck. You don't know a fucking thing about hate.

ICHOROUS - Fleeting Glimpse C20
This Lowell, MA master of harsh, cut up noise returns with his first release in over two years. Relentless waves of feedback and crushing low end mixed with sparse, heavily effected vocals.

GNAWED - Reek and Rot C20
Pure industrial & PE from the midwest. The sound of machines destroying themselves. Truly psychotic vocal hatred. Smashed up rhythms and noise.

Simple yet truly devastating PE from this HATRED IN EYES side project. The song "For Her" is a collaboration with Junky of TORTURING NURSE fame. Essential for PE fans. A special art edition will be available in an extremely limited number directly from the artist.

ABNEGATE - Vassalage C20
Debut recording from this New England harsh PE project. Walls of screeching feedback, junk metal and low end synths with violent female vocals.

MURDEROUS VISION - Salvation On Sand Mountain C70
TEAROOM TRADE - Tearoom Trade C36
HIERCHISS - Infantia Somnium C20 (less than 10 left)

All releases $6ppd US // $8ppd World

THE KALI ENSEMBLE - She Breathes Black Clouds C30
THE VOMIT ARSONIST + THEOLOGIAN - Nature is Satan's Church C??

sabato 16 ottobre 2010

HAL HUTCHINSON "taste of iron" tape (5.00,-)
Project of seeking purity of metal junk noise. Hutchinson has abandoned effects, pedals, editing tool. Process of capturing raw sounds of metal with various microphones and natural decay/distortion of recording device. Multiple layers of sound never become too dense or heavy noise, but simply a worship of sound of rejected industrial products. Pipes, oil barrels, sheets of metal - screeh, clang, clatter and rumble. Slow paced junkyard burial. 20 minutes chrome tapes with full color cover. Freak Animal.

SICK SEED "beasts among men" tape (6.00,-)
5 tracks in 40 minutes. One side with 4 tracks of vocal heavy primitive industrial-noise and one side long luddite aktion of manual destruction. Continues Sick Seed process of reaching unusually painful and fierce simplicity. No fancy vocal effects or technical gimmicks. Primal noise force, with ugly unpleasant edge. Full color covers and chrome tapes. Freak Animal.

To see complete list:

lunedì 11 ottobre 2010

ROUGH SEX QUARTET CDr - Kings of sex hnw directly from the red light
districts of England ! 1 long track of crunchy static . Portrait (?)
series #8 .
sample :
Europe 5 €
World 6 €

only compositions : "Church Of Real Metal" and "Die For Metal" .
Collaboration between norwegian master Andreas Brandal and yours
truly . Metal fetish !
samples :
Europe 6 €
World 7 €

- Bleak harsh noise wall from Serbia . Hopeless , cold death imagery
and hnw = good .
sample :
Europe 6 €
World 7 €

Distro :

SEASONS" 12" PICTURE LP (2009 Sonic Belligeranza , Italy) - Weird
noise and various electronics from Belgium , Japan and Italy. Pizza
printed on a picture disc !!!!! Very realistic too .
Europe 15 €
World 17 €

Venta Protesix/Vomir - "Squirting Humiliation" 7" (2010 Lips
Infection , Italy) - Static digital italian porn noise vs king of
french harsh noise wall void . Yellow vinyl , full color artwork by
Tisbor . Limited to 200 copies .
Europe 7 €
World 9 €

LVPVS INFESTVS - "Post Fata Resvrgo" CD (2010 Black Shirts Records ,
Italy) - Italian hateful , clinical , ultraviolent NSBM with a couple
electronic tracks . 8 page booklet with lyrics (italian) and info .
Also features Wertham on one track .
Europe 10 €
World 12 €

VIA DOLOROSA - "Discipline and Ironfist: ten years of Tiranny" CD
(Black Shirts Records , Italy) - Collection of works by italian NSBM act .
Europe 10 €
World 12 €

paypal : gurkeroboter(attttt)gmail(dotttt)com

domenica 10 ottobre 2010


New release on Cérebro Morto, the likes of Maurizio Bianchi, Atrax Morgue, Mauthausen Orchestra, Murder Corporation...

[size=150]N. Macabre Lust / Destination Morgue[/size]

Cérebro Morto presents N., one of the most important acts out of the Italian death industrial movement, in a unreleased studio recording from the early days, together with a very rare live recording from 2007.

Macabre Lust was recorded back on 1998 and hasn't been released until today. Great work from the early days!
Remastered in 2010, by N. itself.

Destination Morgue represents the first opportunity to testify N. live! Recorded from the Destination Morgue festival in Rome, February 2nd 2007.

From now on, I plan to make two editions for every release: a regular one, not limited, and a special one, extremely limited in a completely hand made package.

Regular edition

Double white CD-R packed in mini DVD case.

Price: €10 + shipping

Special edition

Double white cassette housed in card box. Hand made and hand-painted, with special insert.
Limited to 20 hand-numbered copies.

Price: €25 + shipping

Ordering contacts

Also available


sabato 25 settembre 2010

Out now on Urashima:

JOSH LAY - Rotted Afterlife
Urashima 014- LP

Rotted Afterlife is Josh Lay's new full length LP follow up to his highly acclaimed True Mask CD on Small Doses. Taking things into a darker terrain than True Mask, this album oozes into your psyche and stains the walls with depressive Death Industrial/Noise. Choosing to not use vocals on this one, but lets the multi-layered dungeon echoes and decayed noise do the talking. A sick and desperate soundtrack to a dying world. LP comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, limited to 120 hand numbered copies w/insert.
Listen to extract at:

PRICE : 17,00 EURO plus postages

BURIAL HEX - From the Rites Of Lazarus
Urashima 015 – LP

Burial Hex is a composition cycle by Clay Ruby, featuring "Horror Electronics" to be executed in preparation for thee final mysteries coming in the twilight of this Kali Yuga; from 2004 to 2012, from the cemetery to the stars. From the Rites of Lazarus showcases three compositions dedicated to entry and fearless adventure through the spirit world. Recorded between 2007 and 2010, Burial Hex indulges in heady astral invocations and intense sound worlds intended to enable a strong passing of the crossroads and inspired journeys through the forth and fifth dimensions with grand ole' Papa Legba. LP comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, limited to 120 hand numbered copies w/insert.
Listen to extract at:

PRICE : 17,00 EURO plus postages