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DISGUST - Where Angels Fear to Tread C36
No coast PE. This recording is an absolute beast - vicious, hateful and loud as fuck. You don't know a fucking thing about hate.

ICHOROUS - Fleeting Glimpse C20
This Lowell, MA master of harsh, cut up noise returns with his first release in over two years. Relentless waves of feedback and crushing low end mixed with sparse, heavily effected vocals.

GNAWED - Reek and Rot C20
Pure industrial & PE from the midwest. The sound of machines destroying themselves. Truly psychotic vocal hatred. Smashed up rhythms and noise.

Simple yet truly devastating PE from this HATRED IN EYES side project. The song "For Her" is a collaboration with Junky of TORTURING NURSE fame. Essential for PE fans. A special art edition will be available in an extremely limited number directly from the artist.

ABNEGATE - Vassalage C20
Debut recording from this New England harsh PE project. Walls of screeching feedback, junk metal and low end synths with violent female vocals.

MURDEROUS VISION - Salvation On Sand Mountain C70
TEAROOM TRADE - Tearoom Trade C36
HIERCHISS - Infantia Somnium C20 (less than 10 left)

All releases $6ppd US // $8ppd World

THE KALI ENSEMBLE - She Breathes Black Clouds C30
THE VOMIT ARSONIST + THEOLOGIAN - Nature is Satan's Church C??

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HAL HUTCHINSON "taste of iron" tape (5.00,-)
Project of seeking purity of metal junk noise. Hutchinson has abandoned effects, pedals, editing tool. Process of capturing raw sounds of metal with various microphones and natural decay/distortion of recording device. Multiple layers of sound never become too dense or heavy noise, but simply a worship of sound of rejected industrial products. Pipes, oil barrels, sheets of metal - screeh, clang, clatter and rumble. Slow paced junkyard burial. 20 minutes chrome tapes with full color cover. Freak Animal.

SICK SEED "beasts among men" tape (6.00,-)
5 tracks in 40 minutes. One side with 4 tracks of vocal heavy primitive industrial-noise and one side long luddite aktion of manual destruction. Continues Sick Seed process of reaching unusually painful and fierce simplicity. No fancy vocal effects or technical gimmicks. Primal noise force, with ugly unpleasant edge. Full color covers and chrome tapes. Freak Animal.

To see complete list:

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ROUGH SEX QUARTET CDr - Kings of sex hnw directly from the red light
districts of England ! 1 long track of crunchy static . Portrait (?)
series #8 .
sample :
Europe 5 €
World 6 €

only compositions : "Church Of Real Metal" and "Die For Metal" .
Collaboration between norwegian master Andreas Brandal and yours
truly . Metal fetish !
samples :
Europe 6 €
World 7 €

- Bleak harsh noise wall from Serbia . Hopeless , cold death imagery
and hnw = good .
sample :
Europe 6 €
World 7 €

Distro :

SEASONS" 12" PICTURE LP (2009 Sonic Belligeranza , Italy) - Weird
noise and various electronics from Belgium , Japan and Italy. Pizza
printed on a picture disc !!!!! Very realistic too .
Europe 15 €
World 17 €

Venta Protesix/Vomir - "Squirting Humiliation" 7" (2010 Lips
Infection , Italy) - Static digital italian porn noise vs king of
french harsh noise wall void . Yellow vinyl , full color artwork by
Tisbor . Limited to 200 copies .
Europe 7 €
World 9 €

LVPVS INFESTVS - "Post Fata Resvrgo" CD (2010 Black Shirts Records ,
Italy) - Italian hateful , clinical , ultraviolent NSBM with a couple
electronic tracks . 8 page booklet with lyrics (italian) and info .
Also features Wertham on one track .
Europe 10 €
World 12 €

VIA DOLOROSA - "Discipline and Ironfist: ten years of Tiranny" CD
(Black Shirts Records , Italy) - Collection of works by italian NSBM act .
Europe 10 €
World 12 €

paypal : gurkeroboter(attttt)gmail(dotttt)com

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New release on Cérebro Morto, the likes of Maurizio Bianchi, Atrax Morgue, Mauthausen Orchestra, Murder Corporation...

[size=150]N. Macabre Lust / Destination Morgue[/size]

Cérebro Morto presents N., one of the most important acts out of the Italian death industrial movement, in a unreleased studio recording from the early days, together with a very rare live recording from 2007.

Macabre Lust was recorded back on 1998 and hasn't been released until today. Great work from the early days!
Remastered in 2010, by N. itself.

Destination Morgue represents the first opportunity to testify N. live! Recorded from the Destination Morgue festival in Rome, February 2nd 2007.

From now on, I plan to make two editions for every release: a regular one, not limited, and a special one, extremely limited in a completely hand made package.

Regular edition

Double white CD-R packed in mini DVD case.

Price: €10 + shipping

Special edition

Double white cassette housed in card box. Hand made and hand-painted, with special insert.
Limited to 20 hand-numbered copies.

Price: €25 + shipping

Ordering contacts

Also available


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Out now on Urashima:

JOSH LAY - Rotted Afterlife
Urashima 014- LP

Rotted Afterlife is Josh Lay's new full length LP follow up to his highly acclaimed True Mask CD on Small Doses. Taking things into a darker terrain than True Mask, this album oozes into your psyche and stains the walls with depressive Death Industrial/Noise. Choosing to not use vocals on this one, but lets the multi-layered dungeon echoes and decayed noise do the talking. A sick and desperate soundtrack to a dying world. LP comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, limited to 120 hand numbered copies w/insert.
Listen to extract at:

PRICE : 17,00 EURO plus postages

BURIAL HEX - From the Rites Of Lazarus
Urashima 015 – LP

Burial Hex is a composition cycle by Clay Ruby, featuring "Horror Electronics" to be executed in preparation for thee final mysteries coming in the twilight of this Kali Yuga; from 2004 to 2012, from the cemetery to the stars. From the Rites of Lazarus showcases three compositions dedicated to entry and fearless adventure through the spirit world. Recorded between 2007 and 2010, Burial Hex indulges in heady astral invocations and intense sound worlds intended to enable a strong passing of the crossroads and inspired journeys through the forth and fifth dimensions with grand ole' Papa Legba. LP comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, limited to 120 hand numbered copies w/insert.
Listen to extract at:

PRICE : 17,00 EURO plus postages

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As always, I'm extremely please to present two new releases on WATERPOWER:

Body Cargo - Konkrete C20- $7 US / $11 WORLD

Lithuanian postmortem power electronics from ex-Clo Goelach. Limited to 50 copies in over-sized vinyl box.

Sample: | Video:


Skönhet - The Princess and the Newsreporter C20 - $6 US / $8 WORLD

Swedish HNW with a touch of Audrey Hepburn. Limited to 50 copies in standard norelco case.



Send Payments to info [at] waterpowerelectronics [dot] com


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Rusty, infected wreckage of limbs and nightmares. Self inflicted mummification and heavy narcotic torment.
Edition of 73 professionally duplicated black tapes.

narco016 - FOUL “MURDER CASTLE” C-40
Bleak & haunting massive walls of agony. Bone crushing savagery and black blood regurgitation.
Edition of 51 professionally duplicated black tapes.

Sleazy burial rituals from the cult UK maniacs. For worshippers of semen & skull.
Dedicated to Joseph W. Sarno (1921-2010)
Edition of 59 professionally duplicated lilac tapes.

narco018 - PINK SEXDEATH “ORIGA” C-40
All wet, sticky, decomposed power electronics hallucinations from a deranged soul. Oversexed loneliness from the russian sewers.
Edition of 47 professionally duplicated white tapes.


6 euros each. price does not include postage.

please write to with the subject "NARCOLEPSIA ORDER SEPTEMBER 2010" if interested. no PMs please

stay harsh !

manuel / narcolepsia

NOTE - these will only ship after 3th october. thanks for understanding

sabato 11 settembre 2010

!!!Out and available!!! (Unless otherwise stated)

F-47 BIZARRE UPROAR "Musta Rotta" 7"
Pre-taste of what to expect from upcoming 2011 full lenght.
2 new cuts from summer of lust 2010. Heavy chain loops, rats, low buzz
in your face strong walls of electronics, nasty feedback, hateful vocals...
Pretty Hi-Fi in BU standards. Do not expect anything polished though.
2-sided folded color covers, 3x small 2-sided color inserts.
290x numbered. Mastered by SS-Pekka.

OUT LATE SEPTEMBER! F-43 ANTIPAKT "Fuck Them Where They Breathe" 7"
co-release w/Morose Entertainment. Numbered 100 copies.Rough xerox. Anonymous European project. Rough and nasty in your face assault. Heavy sound!!! OUT LATE SEPTEMBER!

F-40 S.T.A.B. ELECTRONICS "Temple Of Self-Disgust" TAPE
100xpro-tapes w/bodyprints. Another STAB! "Further Fucked And Molested by SHIFT"

100xpro-tapes w/bodyprints. MANIA & BIZARRE UPROAR collaboration/solo. re-issue of Corrosive Art Records release. 60 minutes. Loud&Putrid!

F&V compilation. 80 minutes. 250xpro-tapes w/bodyprints.
Track list:
SICK SEED/ABOVE SUSPICION Live Collaboration"Ensimmäinen sille ettet käyttäytyisi kuin huora"
SNUFF "Hail Black Rapists" 09 unreleased version
LAST RAPE Untitled
WINCE"Retarded Ejaculation"
BIZARRE UPROAR"untitled 2007" from "Addiction v/a"
SADISTIC BLISS "Omaan Rauhalliseen Tahtiin"
MORTUARIO"Domino Sexul" -From Brazil
HALTHAN"Eternal Love"
COMA DETOX"Deep Bruising/Coagulated Exudate"
POGROM"Iš po slėptuvės grindų"
MANIA"Laced With Impatience And Hatred"

pt.III will follow. Will include those who didnt fit into this one.

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4 tracks from Alfarmania, 3 from Ättestupa. 275 copies pressed. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson.

Alfarmania - Stenstans fördärv:
1. Stenstans fördärv
2. Lasternas träl
3. Verkligheten (Skuggorna kommer...)
4. Durkningen (Knall och fall)

Ättestupa - Mitt blod, min kropp:
1. Ett stort mörker skall komma
2. En tröstlös resa
3. En kniv i min hand

Order via the store on

Alfarmania/Ättestupa tour schedule:

17 Sep GÖTEBORG, Utmarken
18 Sep MALMÖ
19 Sep COPENHAGEN, Lades
22 Sep NIJMEGEN, Extrapool
24 Sep AALST
25 Sep KORTRIJK, Noisefest 2

lunedì 6 settembre 2010

Sorry for the shite pictures, my scanner rather unhelpfully doesn't work with my new computer, but here are the latest DIY tape and CD-r releases from Turgid Animal England.

Doom Ape - "Rehearsal July 2010" C-20
Following the full length tape on Matching Head and the debut one-sided 7" on TA; Doom Ape continues to explore the "doom" (very loosly termed) genre in a very dictaphonic, experimental and off kilter sort of way. Comes in sealed PVC sleeve with fold out poster hosing a soft case with tape inside. Stamp collectors unite. Same programme both sides.

Flesh Coffin - "False Memories" C-40
Norwegian harsh noise at it's finest. Taking a leaf out of the book of the forefathers like Lasse Marhaug, Andreas Brandal (also of Lupus Golem, The Hour of the Wolf and the Twilight Luggage label) crafts two 20 minute sides of expert experimental music which only someone at the top of their game can produce. Highly thought out and perfectly executed harsh noise.

Forced Entry & Naked Fist - "Demo I" C-10
What is it you Americans call it? Mysterious Guy Harcore? Well I suppose it's that but from the cold peaks of north Derbyshire, Chesvegas (or Chesterfield). Just over 5 minutes of bizarre, fumbling, lo-fi and above all; mysterious: Shit-Punk. Limited and numbered edition of 30 copies with labels and full printed lyrics. Same programme both sides.

Funeral Mongoloids/Plauged Braces - Split C-20
Old school true noisecore scum sound from Finland and England. Ancient split. Comes on red tapes with yellow labels.

Inseminoid - "Coven" 3" CD-r
Brand new Inseminoid duo recordings from George Proctor (Mutant Ape, Murder Book) & Lee Stokoe (Culver, Skullflower). Covering a lot of ground in the 20 minutes the track runs for, the boys go from minimal movie "dialogue", heavy drone, guitar passage and full on harsh noise assault. One of the best Inseminoid releases today and perhaps marking a new maturity in the band if it weren't for the handmade packaging lovingly prepared inbetween Gateshead and Gomersal over the summer. Edition of only 24 copies.

Inseminoid/Jackal - "Live In Newcastle" CD-r
Summer time fun recorded at Rocco's Bar in the centre of the toon. Jackal are up first which marks the first live effort of the duo of Mike Vest (Bong, Basillica) and George Proctor (Mutant Ape, Murder Book). Expect pyschedelic loops, heavy bass tones and drawn out synth lines. As if that wasn't enough for poor old Proctor on that night he took to the stage again later on for a headlining Inseminoid set with his good old pal Lee Stokoe (Culver, Skullflower) for a 20 minute set of harsh drone and Girls Aloud worship. One of my favourite gigs I have ever been to, let alone played; nice relaxed atmosphere and great music above a tidy Italian place opposite St. James'. Full color covers in slimline jewel cases.

Milton Grove Skum Band/Mike Smith's Lobster Beast - Split CD-r
Interesting tale behind this one: Milton Grove Skum Band was recorded in Manchester in the basement of Gaz, Daz and Linds amongst others. The line up was a free for all and the instruments were everything from a destructed piano to a rain shaker to a rusty nail. A very claustrophic half hour... The second band of the disc is even more obscure. Lobster Preist were for some reason scheduled to play a Star Wars themed rave on the quayside in the centre of Newcastle. When the band were imformed they were meant to play it transpired that only the least likely member of the band to be available; was available. So Mike Smith had to gather the troops and build a band quickly, a band suitable for a Star Wars themed rave. He only managed to pull together the cream of the crop from the North East noise underground and had drugged up idiots dressed as yoda bopping all o'er't place in no time. A bizarre and pleasant evening only made more so by the bouncer kicking the door in when I was trying to have a shite... Old style CD-r fold over cover.

Warrior Breed - "New Yorkshire" C-30
Warrior Breed was my first ever band that me and my cousin started in the garage when I was about 13. "If it's your first band, presumably it sounds shit and shouldn't be released?" Yes, it sounds quite bad and it probably shouldn't be released. Although here it is; purely for the fact that it reminds me of the better days, I think it necassary to get out there so fuck off eh? Comes on white tapes with labels and features full printed youthful lyrics. Same programme both sides.


Manilapede - "Manillapede" CD
"Makes me feel like i've bored a hole into the center of the earth with my teeth!" says one friend close to this Starving Weirdo's alter-ego band. Self described as "Dune Rock" & coming from the deserts of Manila, California; this is a band very influenced by it's surroundings. Slow motion metalic riffs ring throughout the entire 50 minutes of the debut album, laying the founding for waves of rolling synth lines and sporadic clangings echoing in the distance, presumably a shamanic attempt at drums but too lost in a trance to muster any concrete tempo or rhythmn. Album of the year for me, what about you?

Vomir - "L'homme Saturé" LP
Unbelievably heavy stuff, total claustrophobia. Long awaited Vomir LP finally see's the light of day after loads of delays. The tracks were actually re-recorded in the interim so the sound is more dense in keeping with Vomir's later material. If you're looking at this you know the script by now: total depressive nihilistic purity. A landmark in harsh noise wall. 300 copies, silkscreened covers. Black card sleeve with paste on covers in a thick PVC sleeve. Co-release with At War With False Noise

Aunt Mary - "Almost Dead" 7"
Aunt Mary's last record was a split 7" with Man Is The Bastard 18 years ago. I am beyond chuffed to be putting out the first material since then by what I consider to be the greatest noisecore band of them all. Total True Old School Noisecore! Very basic drum beats (sounds like it was played with some pipes on a couple of industrial tanks), feedback, wailing guitar, brutal vocals, all utterly maxed-out. I'm not sure if it's a series of very short songs or one big long track starting and stopping. It doesn't really matter! There's a moment when a "proper" drum beat kicks in and an amazing mid-paced guitar riff comes out of nowhere - not too dissimilar to early AxCx - that just had me pumping my fist in the air in glee. Co-released with At War With False Noise. 300 copies, full colour sleeve complete with ultra offensive artwork, it is noisecore after all...

Available as ever from Turgid Animal's website:

All releases listed here available under the "Latest Releases" section for the bundle price of £45GBP (+ shipping for ONE item only so a possible saving of up to £20-30: LARGE SAVING!

New distro update complete with loads of releases from the likes of Release The Bats and a massive ammount of Black Metal CD's from the Legion Blotan distro...


In order to make way for loads of exciting new releases, the vast majority of TA items have been marked down considerably:

CD's - Mostly £6 each or 4 for only £20
12"/LP's - Mostly £8 each or 4 for only £30
7"s - Mostly £4.99 each or 4 for only £15
T-Shirts - Mostly £10 each or 4 for only £30

And also introducing the Turgid Animal Random Grab Bag - £20 This gets you loads of musical goodies chosen at random from the catalogue/distro. Feel free to send suggestions about what to include in yours - George.Proctor AT Gmail DOT com - Can and will include rare items from years gone by!

Full catalogue can be found here:

Or go straight to the special offers page here:


New releases on the way before the new year:
Bizarre Uproar - Live CD with massive booklet featuring photo's and CD with 5 complete gigs on
Astro LP
Haare 7"
Voltigeurs/Horseback 10"
Taeter CD - Fecalove's PE project's debut album, incredible

Help make me some room! Order now! Time limit!

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IRON FIST OF THE SUN continues where he left off from the Blush tape. Sharper, harsher, more direct and tighter in my opinion. IFOTS keeps getting better and better and it's a thrill to carry on working with him. Similar run to Blush, 122 copies which are now almost sold out.

Freak Animal will stock some. Other distros announced later. Trades? Absolutely as long as you offer decent stuff and not any shit. You know the drill.

I have introduced a new feature in the form of Unrest tape package deals. Still early days but if it works OK I may expand that to other Unrest/Shift formats as well.

Order here


martedì 3 agosto 2010

Debut full length out now through NoVisible Scars. Iron Empire musically features various forms of raped and beaten scrap metal, junknoise, feedback manipulation, and analog synth. In the tradition of the 80's Broken Flag style,(old)Controlled Bleeding and Bizarre Uproar.


RU-486 package: 7.25 x 7.25 covers/insert housed in a 7'ep re-sealable bag. Hand numbered card. Mastered on pro manufactured and imprinted(chrome)black cassettes.



!!!Early warning(NO PRE-ORDERS). Out in a late August(F-43 September) 22kg of new tapes and 7" releases!!!

F-47 BIZARRE UPROAR "Musta Rotta" 7"
Numbered 290 copies. 2-sided folded color covers, 3xsmall two-sided color insers. New material summer 2010. Mastered by SS-Pekka.

F-43 ANTIPAKT "Fuck Them Where They Breathe" 7"
co-release w/Morose Entertainment. Numbered 100 copies.Rough xerox. Anonymous European project. Rough and nasty in your face assault. Heavy sound!!!

F-40 S.T.A.B. ELECTRONICS "Temple Of Self-Disgust" TAPE
100xpro-tapes w/bodyprints. Another STAB! "Further Fucked And Molested by SHIFT"

100xpro-tapes w/bodyprints. MANIA & BIZARRE UPROAR collaboration/solo. re-issue of Corrosive Art Records release. 60 minutes. Loud&Putrid!

F&V compilation. 80 minutes. 250xpro-tapes w/bodyprints.
Track list:
SICK SEED/ABOVE SUSPICION Live Collaboration"Ensimmäinen sille ettet käyttäytyisi kuin huora"
SNUFF "Hail Black Rapists" 09 unreleased version
LAST RAPE Untitled
WINCE"Retarded Ejaculation"
BIZARRE UPROAR"untitled 2007" from "Addiction v/a"
SADISTIC BLISS "Omaan Rauhalliseen Tahtiin"
MORTUARIO"Domino Sexul" -From Brazil
HALTHAN"Eternal Love"
COMA DETOX"Deep Bruising/Coagulated Exudate"
POGROM"Iš po slėptuvės grindų"
MANIA"Laced With Impatience And Hatred"

pt.III will follow. Will include those who didnt fit into this one.

XE Tape Re-issue on LP

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Love Songs
CD lim. 300 / DVD slimcase
After his contribution on the COLD MEAT compilation \"Esthetics Of
Cruelty\" ad 3 full-length releases on Solipsism, SSSR and Spatter/Blade
here the new album of Swedens DØDSDØMD.
All sounds are improvised without any instruments, synths, samplers or
computer. Only maked by feedbacks and turn the knobs on the mixer, distbox
and outboard gear. 12 mercyless noise/harsh noise tracks!
price 10.00 Euro


Sow The Wind
3\" CDR lim. 100
This is the second release of EDUCATOR.
The two tracks “400 years/hollow earth” and “white people/wigger” are \"the whole truth and nothing but the truth\" of ugly power electronics!
price 7.00 Euro

History Of Obedience
3\" CDR lim. 100
After some tapes and full length CDr on foreign labels here the first 3” CDr on L.White Records. Near 24 minutes of a nice mixture between harsh noise and a small piece of power electronics.
price 7.00 Euro

Please note that our 3\" CDR will have from now on only a limitation of 100 pieces!

Please order/wholesale and requests to:
Sewer Goddess "Verdigris" 7"
On Baseborn



The bodies of two teenage girls were discovered on Sunday, July 29, 1973 on a dirt road near Coquille, OR.Both were nude and each girl shot once in the chest.The weapon used in the killings was a .22 cal rifle.The teenagers had been on a hiking and camping trip in LaVerne Park when the two met Roger Lynn Green who would later kill the two girls without provocation in a sudden and spontaneous act of violence.

"Verdigris" released on the 37th anniversary of the murders as a commemoration of sorts.The focus of this record is on the two victims Kathleen Marie Bechtel & Vicki Louise Fawcett.

First pressing limited to 73 numbered copies silver ink hand screened on black wallet jackets w/ two inserts.

$10.00ppd United States
$12.00ppd Americas
$14.00ppd Everywhere Else

paypal/info: cannibalcash666[at]hotmail[dot]com

The reason for such a limited initial release is because I was really cutting it close with the pressing of these records to be finished by the target date of the 28th/29th of July and only got them a few days ago.Upon inspecting the records I noticed there had been a bit of a mix up with the labels on many copies and a repress was needed.

The 2nd press records arrived yesterday and will be available Monday.
The repress records themselves look the same but they will be released in standard fold over printed jackets with slightly different art and with a different insert. (**PLUS THEY WILL BE A COUPLE OF DOLLARS CHEAPER THAN THE 1ST PRESS**)



martedì 1 giugno 2010

Released today on Audial Decimation Records:


180 gram black vinyl Lp. Comes with two hand screen printed heavy 12.25" x 12.25" black board covers housing two 12" double sided inserts for each.

2 side long tracks from each. Brutal, unrelenting Power Electronics Industrial Noise Terror.

Limited to 300 copies.

$35 p/p in the US/CAN
$45 p/p everywhere else

Wholesale available. Write for pricing. NO TRADES.

Send all inquiries to orders(at)audialdecimation(dot)com

Updated distro list available on request with titles from FILTH&VIOLENCE, FREAK ANIMAL, HOSPITAL and INDUSTRIAL RECOLLECTIONS.

Coming next on ADR:
CONTENT NULLITY "Scorn of Totality" pro cassette lim 150 copies
WERTHAM 7" lim 300 copies
NEFARIOUS COMPLEX 7" lim 300 copies
METHADRONE "Forgotten Failures" 12" lim 300 copies
PAIN NAIL 12" lim 300 copies
MANIA pro cassette lim 130 copies

sabato 22 maggio 2010


Over 60 minutes of occult industrial and ritual electronics, this time venturing to even more experimental soundscapes than before.
Material varies from noisy industrial sounds to rhytmic and even psychedelic tunes to pulsating cosmic drones.
Professionaly duplicated tapes with red bodyprints, limited to 200.

5 euros + shipping.
Orders to: niko[at]
Trades are also welcome from other labels.

I will upload some samples soon.

venerdì 14 maggio 2010

Limited edition of 500 copies / special edition of 200 including DVD
packaged in a luxurious 5 panel folder
with metallic/black print, 21 x 14 cm, packaged in transparent bag

1. Above the dark waters
2. Dream landscape
3. Demoniac reign
4. Winds of fire
5. L`enfer c`est les autres

‘Dream Landscape’ is the first official solo release by ANEMONE TUBE after 9 years of silence. Originally founded in 1996 in Southern Germany, ANEMONE TUBE has quite made a name for himself in the industrial/noise genre especially due to the psychogenic nature of his music.

On this new release ANEMONE TUBE creates massive ambient/noise soundscapes. The sounds are pulsating, drowning and floating, tormenting and caressing – all culminating in a haunting sonic experience.

‘Dream Landscape’ is – together with the album ‘Death over China’ (to be released by Waystyx Records/Russia) – the first part of the ‘Suicide Series’. To this field recordings made in China provide a conceptionalbasis.

‘Dream Landscape’ is a concept album of fierce malignant power. In apoetic way ANEMONE TUBE combines analytical realism of the phenomenal world with buddhist psychology and nihilist rhetoric influenced by the visionary authors H.P. Lovecraft and Yukio Mishima.
Mastering by JAMES PLOTKIN, January/February 2010.

The special edition bonus DVD is a collaborative work between the brazilian video artist GUSTAVO DE LACERDA and ANEMONE TUBE. The work, entitled 1515, is a conceptual experimental film made in Rotterdam. The soundtrack is based on real-time field recordings made in in Nanjing and Shanghai.

Regular edition available now for € 12,5 + shipping
Special edition with DVD available soon (€ 16,5 + shipping).

teaser video here


giovedì 6 maggio 2010


"Confessions Of A Narcissist" marks the final full-length release by Fire In The Head ending six years of sonic warfare with an assault of manic, self-indulgent industrial electronics. Drawing as much influence from early punk / hardcore as from industrial / power electronics, F/I/T/H was conceived as a cathartic outlet to explore and ratify the delusions and social perversions resultant of psychosis and the darker side of man's conflicted dual nature, to fan the flames which engulf the borders between obsession, compulsion, lust and need. The tracks on this release were recorded in 2007-2008 and are the last of the "short, sharp, shock" vocal tracks which Michael abandoned in favour of "epic" length industrial / ambient compositions. Features guest appearances from Nick Blinko (Rudimentary Peni) and J. Randall (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Japanese Comedy Torture Hour) with exclusive artwork by Howard Forbes and Nick Blinko.

Available 5/14 from Cold Spring Records:

There will be two further posthumous releases featuring F/I/T/H:

MA/PE/FU Vol. 1 (F/I/T/H / Bereft split) LP on Existence Establishment

As yet untitled split cd featuring F/I/T/H, RU-486, Sistrenatus, Halthan, Sexual Assault Rifle and one other on Phage Tapes/Destructive Industries/Exterminate the Brutes