sabato 16 ottobre 2010

HAL HUTCHINSON "taste of iron" tape (5.00,-)
Project of seeking purity of metal junk noise. Hutchinson has abandoned effects, pedals, editing tool. Process of capturing raw sounds of metal with various microphones and natural decay/distortion of recording device. Multiple layers of sound never become too dense or heavy noise, but simply a worship of sound of rejected industrial products. Pipes, oil barrels, sheets of metal - screeh, clang, clatter and rumble. Slow paced junkyard burial. 20 minutes chrome tapes with full color cover. Freak Animal.

SICK SEED "beasts among men" tape (6.00,-)
5 tracks in 40 minutes. One side with 4 tracks of vocal heavy primitive industrial-noise and one side long luddite aktion of manual destruction. Continues Sick Seed process of reaching unusually painful and fierce simplicity. No fancy vocal effects or technical gimmicks. Primal noise force, with ugly unpleasant edge. Full color covers and chrome tapes. Freak Animal.

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